Dwarves & Faramir

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felswrath 32

This is an iteration of my attempt at a 3 dwarf hero deck (Dain, Dwalin, Gimli). I dropped Gimli for Faramir to unlock the lore sphere for healing as well as get a ranged attack in one of my heroes (and card draw to match with leadership resources).

Here are some of the crazy combos:

Willpower: Northern Survivor pumped up by the Longbeard Mapmaker is ridiculous. 8 willpower per round is ridiculous. The one cost is no issue with the resources that this deck can easily generate

Resource Generation: Sword of Numenor on both Faramir and Dwalin gives a resource a turn each. Faramir is also vanquishing into card draw so you have something to spend those resources on. Zigil Miner's when required, and Erestor if your hand is so full you don't know what to do.

Offense: Use the Swords of Numenor on Dwalin and Faramir. I threw one Khazad al-menu in there for Dwalin to one shot a baddie if need be. Might be more efficient to just get a re-readying effect in there and have him attack a second time.

Protection: Erkenbrand is a tank. Stick self-preservation on him if your heroes are healthy enough. Use Imladris minstrel to heal him and a Gondorian shield if need be (although the block doesn't stack). I like Gandalf/Narya with Gondorian Shield to keep him alive longer. Use

Healing: Imladris Minstrel is a ridiculous card. If she is protected by Erkenbrand, she can generally heal your party back to full even with 7 enemies across the board as you pick them off one by one.

Misc: Advance Warning is ok and mostly in there to round out events. I've found that offense and defense are so well balanced with healing that I'm rarely losing any allies on the board so my hand is just stacking up with extra guys. You could probably afford to drop Erebor Record Keeper and Erestor for other cards, which I will when better cards come out.