Core Set Valor Point Machine

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jacenat 13

Great deck to build with just the starter cards. Should be able to beat most scenarios on hard and get close to max points on all scenarios on normal.

The key is Tom Took and his ability to negate the powerful attacks. Combined with Arwen's healing and her high willpower you should be able to do questing easily. For combat you just load up Gimli and Tom Took with weapons and shields until you can afford Unexpected Courage when you can just rely on Gimli alone.

Remember to block with your allies but mostly stick to healing your heroes.

If you got some valor, you can start replacing:

Mithrandir's Advice with Lembas

Galadhon Archer with Westfold Outrider

Wandering Took with Galadriel's Handmaiden

Warrior Sword with Unexpected Courage