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kjeld 36

The deck that I am using to complete the Shadows Fall campaign on Challenge Mode. So far, I have successfully beaten the first four quests.

Opening Hand

The deck is designed to quickly gain board control. Look for Unexpected Courage, Star Brooch, and Warrior Sword or Elven Blade in your opening hand to help you quickly wipe out the initial enemies that Sauron starts with. A Watchful Peace, Lock Shields, and Imladris Minstrel can also be helpful.


For offense, get Faramir up to 3 first with a Warrior Sword, and the first Unexpected Courage goes on him. This will fuel your card draw and help keep the number of enemies in reason. Next weapon goes on Legolas (usually Elven Blade), and lastly on Glorfindel or a Veteran of Nanduhirion.

For defense, Glorfindel and a Veteran of Nanduhirion will be taking point on guard, so prioritize these two for the attachments that grant block (Round Shield, Ranger Spear, and Raiment of War). With two Imladris Minstrels out, block isn't critical, but it helps. Note that you should make sure to take damage on Glorfindel every turn to keep your threat meter in check.

For support, your final three ally spot going into the mid/end-game should be a combination of 1-2 minstrels and 1-2 Rhovanion Outriders, depending on how quest-heavy the final locations are (for additional flexibility, Ithilien Lookout can be handy). Use Favor of the Lady to grant some additional utility to these allies -- with Glorfindel, they should be able to power through the objectives and hazards.

Miscellaneous: Use Lock Shields early game to gain board control and draw cards, and mid/late game to cover Beorn's Hospitality or A Watchful Peace. Make sure you know when you will most need Forest Snare -- some familiarity with the scenario and with Sauron's deck will be a huge help here. Westfold Outriders should be used in the early game, and should die guarding to make room for more useful allies. For mid/late game, they are emergency allies. Erebor Record Keeper is a mid-game card if your card draw is too low and you need some expendable . This card can be safely subbed out for anything in the sideboard if you're getting enough draw from Faramir.

Example Final Board State

Sideboard Notes

Depending on the quest, you may want to sub out some questing allies (e.g. Rhovanion Outrider or the Erebor Record Keeper) for combat allies (Veteran Axehand) or the well-rounded Ithilien Lookout.

With my play style, I prefer to equip Star Brooch to Glorfindel, as I like to snipe with my ranged heroes first. However, there is a good case for Enduring Valor instead, so it's here as an alternative. Also, you might find room for Orc Disguise (if you've earned it), which will keep one of your Imladris Minstrels alive.

If Sauron is running high-cost events, an extra Careful Planning can be helpful. If not, you can sub out the one in the deck for something else useful like Lembas, Will of Steel, or Glorfindel's reward card, depending on what you feel you need.


Aug 13, 2019 Matko1986 19

nice simple and functional deck... good description.. but A Good Deed would be nice there also,i know that it is special slot too, but i think it is worth, and i prefer Galadriel's Handmaiden to A Watchful Peace because of ally and willpower is good too, especialy when u get theese heroes (offensive and defensive Glorfindel )

but as i said it is very nice deck