Helpers (Gundabad Awoken - challenge mode)

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Matko1986 19

This is my deck, which beats 3rd encounter (Gundabad Awoken) on challenge mode. This is only half of success (support, heal and willpower), second deck was military oriented dwarves deck.

At first i must say that Spear Wall is "timely rescue" (blue event which readies wounded character for zero cost. This database sucks...(bad cost on many cards, some missing cards, etc...)

Starting hand (especialy for gundabad):

In first location you need to defend and beat some enemies, and this is task for that dwarves, so you only need to defend (always with Glorfindel, because of threat) with this deck and then heal as much as possible, so good starting hand is Imladris Minstrel, Star Brooch for questing hero, Forest Snare for strong unexpected enemy, good is Back to the Dark which is perfect in first location where are so many enemies, Forest Protector is also worth for start.

In early game you have to wait until some enemies atack and exhaust, then you can build your allies Imladris Minstrel as soon as possible (dwarves are killing machines and you want her to do her job), Star Brooch for Éowyn (she is good for questing and also for some defence if its needed), Unexpected Courage for some nasty dwarf (Dwalin or Gimli). To next location go only if you are ready (2allies and 1-2attachments are nice).

In next location stay masked and try to defend with heroes, heal them and go on quests/fate... save some money for next steps of encounter

In mid/late game play Barliman Butterbur for some extra cards if needed, Longbeard Mapmaker is also nice for Éowyn with Star Brooch or for Northern Survivor if your partner has it.

Card like Seen and Unseen is backup for some tough situation with many enemies, Forest Snare and Back to the Dark is nice and cheap combo to destroy very strong minion, Lembas, save it for its ready action, not for heal (heal is only bonus), Sting is not very good, and it is first card to change if you want, Iron Hills Miner is very good choice, because in this encounter sauron plays many shadow attachments and he has atack two, because of Dáin II Ironfoot

small advice: to next location go only i you have quite full fatemeter and good party of allies.


Aug 13, 2019 Borboren 1

Nice deck, but what about damaging and killing your enemies and where are your strong allies? I´d add some red cards (Legolas as hero) for more damage, you´ll need it. I´ve beaten Gundabad Awoken in challenge mode with a deck around Faramir ( ranged and card draw), Glorfindel (threat reduction) and Legolas (ranged). Warrior sword, ranger spear and elvish blade (and good deed for Legolas) for your heroes plus veteran axhand and Ithilien lookout as strong allies. Of course, the quest is impossible to beat without Imladris Minstrel.

Aug 13, 2019 Matko1986 19

@Borboren this is deck for multiplayer mode. This is support, heal and some tricks and damage is task for "dwarves" see link in description ;)

Aug 19, 2019 Seastan 66

Sorry about the missing/incorrect cards in the database. The cards have been constantly changing through early access and it's been hard to keep up. If you notice anything wrong you can feel free to edit the public database. The changes will then make their way to RingsDB. Here's the link:

Aug 20, 2019 Matko1986 19

@Seastanthank you for info, i will check that docs

Jan 02, 2020 Matko1986 19

@Seastan i would like to ask you about update this deckbuilder (new cards) thank you :)