Ready for everything (Gundabad Awoken - challenge - solo)

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Matko1986 19

Common Cause is "Timely Rescue"

Hi, this is my deck, which have won 3rd encounter Gundabad Awoken on challenge mode. It is deck for solo, and it was my aproximatly 10th try with many combination of heroes, spheres and cards, so my final version is here.

On starting hand you must have Imladris Minstrel and some weapon, perfect is Lock Shields for saving action with Glorfindel and for another card, good is Star Brooch and Forest Snare also.

In first few rounds in first location you need to build a board. Imladris Minstrel and some warrior is perfect, weapons for heroes, A Good Deed for Legolas and Star Brooch for Faramir for more cards, Self-Preservation for Glorfindel is nice too.

In second location stay masked until end, and only defend with heroes, especially with Glorfindel cause of threat and build fate and do quest.

In third location is perfect time to play Barliman Butterbur for more cards, because u have saved resources from second location. And it is time for strong allies Ithilien Lookout. Second Star Brooch is perfect for one of him (willpower and nice atack value).

In last location it is fast run to the end, use fate events, use unique attachments. I did my Veteran of Nanduhirion more stronger than he has ever been :-D



Aug 21, 2019 waibcam 7

Thanks for sharing!

Sep 02, 2019 Shin 1

Why is Common Cause here? No leadership hero.

Sep 02, 2019 Shin 1

oops nvm lol

Sep 04, 2019 Matko1986 19

@Shin i builded this deck before this deckbuilder was upgreaded (current card list), and i am too lazy to upgreade it now :D

May 06, 2020 Dancraz 1

Thank You for sharing, I did complete it with your deck list, but I put Arwen instead of Faramir.

I didn`t do that on purpose, I just realized it now!!

May 07, 2020 Dancraz 1

Forget Arwen, it was Éowyn, at Faramir Spot.

May 19, 2020 weisey500 1

Most recent place I can think to comment sorry. Can't seem to find all the cards including heroes etc.. Merry? Pippin? are they new and yet to be added or..?