Legacy of the North

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Windrunner4 14

In short, a strong Dunedain themed deck that uses Reinforcements & resource acceleration cards like Sword of Numenor & Legacy of the North to fill your board with strong allies and tooled up heroes.

Not the most potent deck as far as willpower however between the Ranger Cloaks & the Northern Survivors, it can usually do enough. It is much more adept at dealing with enemies. Works very well as the more combat focused deck in coop.

Gandalf is in there to drop your threat or draw you cards as needed in a pinch. His damage is usually not necessary as this deck has plenty of combat ability.

Also basically has no healing, so getting block onto your heroes with attachments can serve as a substitute.

My favourite deck to play so far, give it a try!


Sep 05, 2019 Matko1986 19

Nice, thanks for inspiration.

I think this deck could be better with some healing events, like:

Cram for heal and for Dwalin,

Honeycomb is also good and cheap,

or A Secretive People could be nice there also for restore 2 health to every dunadan (two heroes and maybe some allies).

I think one or two healing cards can be replaced for Sneak Attack, which i dont like :D

but it is only my opinion, i didnt want be rude or something, once again, thanks for sharing :)

Sep 05, 2019 Mr.Socrates 13

Hey there, it feels like theres not enough WP there; which challange modes did you complete with it? Thanks!

Sep 10, 2019 Windrunner4 14

Matko1986. You could definitely swap out sneak attack for a healing card. Sneak attack is not important to the deck at all, just fit with the theme of pulling out allies. It would make it a better deck, so I’ll probably make that change officially. Don’t worry, you’re not rude at all, thanks for trying the deck.

Sep 10, 2019 Windrunner4 14

Mr. Socrates. Ya one of it’s main weakness is it’s willpower, especially if you don’t see the survivors or a Dunedain cloak for Aragorn early on. I have beaten every quest on challenge except escape from Dol Guldur & Gundabad awoken with this deck. However it’s not going to consistently do so against some of the heavier willpower ones. Just a fun deck to play imo, but probably not an S tier one compared to running minstrel or other power cards.