Strange group (multiplayer, dmg/heal)

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Matko1986 19

Hi, this is my funny deck which beats challenge 2nd encounter "A Feast for Trolls" in multiplayer. Other deck was Aragorn, Éowyn and Glofindel. My deck should be heal and damage.

Gimli and Idraen are really beasts, especialy with weapons and with Star Brooch from my mate. Two red heroes unlocked Dúnedain Hunter who is perfect with 2/2/6 for 1 resource. Best way to play him is after Sauron passes his turn. Another good card is Bow of the Galadhrim for zero cost +1atk and range.

Absolutely key ally is Erebor Record Keeper. Play him as soon as possible. Armors are here for defenders like Glorfindel and maybe Gimli, who can do 3 attacks with 5 dmg (guard from Fredegar Bolger or Lock Shields + 2 attacks with Star Brooch.)

Another key ally is Imladris Minstrel. This ally is must have in every deck, where is at least one green hero. I think this is worthiest ally in game for now.

Some funny card like Three Golden Hairs, plan was play it first few rounds, before Star Brooch only to cut threat.

After first game I found out that Westfold Outrider is not as good as i thought, and Imladris Minstrel can lay on the bottom of your deck, so Imladris Caregiver could be nice change for back up healer.

Strategy hint for 2nd encounter is:

don't attack shadow trolls in second location, it is waste, they have 32hp, and better is only defend them, kill others and fill fate for final encounter.