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kjeld 50

My go-to mono-lore deck. It easily handled the first quest of the first campaign on Adventure mode, but I couldn't quite beat it on Challenge mode (came close, though). I think that Lore simply doesn't have enough potential yet to deal with the inevitable boss enemies that you can't avoid.

Nonetheless, this is a fun deck to pilot, as it forces you to think differently than with the power lineups like Faramir-Glorfindel-Legolas or Aragorn-Arwen-Idraen where you just blast through every enemy and hazard with sheer power. Here, you need to be very selective, and often running away is the best option.


Mulligan for some cheap cards to help you make it through the first couple of rounds. Resourcefulness, Dúnedain Trap, and Forest Snare are your best friends at this point. Next you want a couple of useful allies out, so look for Ithilien Lookout, Hobbit Bounder, Trollshaw Scout, or Mablung to soak some hits. If you can get an Imladris Minstrel or Ioreth, just one of those allies can likely get you through the first location.


Build up a decent board state, using Fatty's power to help tank enemies with one of your beefier allies, while your ample healing keeps them alive. Stall so that you are ready to handle the next location by dropping Gandalf, Tom Bombadil, or Dúnedain Trap on whatever uglies are waiting for you. Radagast the Brown is there to help you fill up your board state in an emergency (his summoned animals are surprisingly helpful at chumping in a pinch). Other than that, quest like mad, and always build up your fate meter -- you'll need it with this deck!


Gandalf with Narya and Webcutter will slice through most of the end-game baddies, especially if they been softened up by some selective guarding. Use Forest Snare or Dúnedain Trap to handle any other enemies with too many hit points or block. Rivendell Blade on a Trollshaw Scout (or Arwen in a pinch) can help deal with annoying enemies with block, as well.


If there's a particularly troublesome early game boss, add in another Sudden Riposte. If your heroes are taking too much damage, you might try a Cloak of Lorien -- helpful for Faramir, who sometimes takes Fatty's ability. A second Self-Preservation is another option. If you need more cheap allies to help set up, add in a second Ioreth or Silvan Tracker. Cards that are most likely options for cutting: Rivendell Blade, Radagast the Brown, or one of copy of Mablung.


Sep 12, 2019 kjeld 50

Note that there are 2x Grace of the Eldar only because of Dark Sorcery and Evil Storm. If Sauron doesn't have those cards in his deck, you can safely sub one out.

Sep 13, 2019 Matko1986 33

Nice deck, I like mono color decks very much. I have tried some decks yet and I have had same problem as you, I can do adventure mode, but can not do challenge. I think in current card pool is not enough cards to build mono deck which could beat challenge modes.

Sep 13, 2019 kjeld 50

@Matko1986, It's partly the limited current card pool, but also I believe that the devs have missed the mark a bit on what Tier 3 cards need to do, which is offset the disadvantages of not playing the other spheres. To give two contrasting examples from this deck:

Ioreth, for example, is a great card, but does little to help Lore shore up its weak spots -- threat reduction, combat power, and resource generation. Her high quest power and healing just double up on the advantages Arwen already provides. Ridiculous levels of healing can help, indirectly, with combat, and extra willpower if often nice, but Lore doesn't really need help in either area. It's why I've only got one copy in the deck despite otherwise being a great card.

Dúnedain Trap, on the other hand, is one of the few truly well-designed Tier 3 cards because it provides a huge, cheap, repeatable boost to your combat potential (by simply keeping the enemy exhausted) in a way that feels thematic to Lore. This makes up for not having much attack power in Lore, and also helps to offset some of the loss of action advantage (e.g. Unexpected Courage and Star Brooch) available in other spheres by reducing Sauron's action advantage.

Sep 17, 2019 kjeld 50

I am now eating my words. This deck has successfully beaten the first four scenarios of Shadows of Mirkwood on Challenge mode, with only four losses.