The Great Hunt

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kjeld 50

This deck has beaten the Shadows of Mirkwood campaign on Adventure mode, losing only twice, both times against the 4th quest. It's a very fun deck to play, especially if it's against a quest with few hazards (otherwise it's a slog due to low ).

Early Game

Look for Dúnedain Hunter, A Good Deed, and Bow of the Galadhrim in your opening hand. Against some quests, you'll want to mulligan hard for Dwarven Peacekeeping. Other good cards to see are Lock Shields, Westfold Outrider, and Citadel Plate.

With this hero lineup, you should be able to quickly clear Sauron's starting board of enemies, and any additional he brings out. You're looking to get your heroes set up, with A Good Deed on Legolas, a Bow of the Galadhrim on Idraen, and a Citadel Plate on Gimli (who is your tank defender).

Mid Game

You generally need a Dúnedain Hunter in play with a Mighty Warrior in order to generate enough to power through questing objectives. Fortunately, with your ability to mow down most enemies Sauron can play, you should have the opportunity to stall until you find one. Generally use Gandalf for card draw unless your threat meter is desperate (shouldn't be) or you already have the cards out you need. If the Hunters refuse to show up, Beorn and the Veteran Axehand can provide a bit more , along with bursts from Gandalf and Radagast the Brown. Note that Tom Bombadil can be subbed in for Fornost Bowman and an Erebor Battlemaster if you need even more burst.

Late Game

Ideally you want Idraen loaded up with a Bow of the Galadhrim and Raiment of War, so she can strike twice with 4. I generally put the second Citadel Plate on Legolas, and will use Round Shield (or Ranger Spear in a pinch) on my Mighty-ed Hunter to keep him alive longer. Gimli gets the Dwarven Axe if it shows up, or the second Bow of the Galadhrim.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • is not as much of a problem as it might seem. Stall if you need to, including to build up your fate meter. Note that this is critical to do at the first location on the final quest of Shadows of Mirkwood so that you can trigger both the -3 and apply 5 progress Fate events on the river rapids location.
  • Always play Dúnedain Hunter after Sauron has passed.
  • Hands Upon the Bow and Quick Strike are there for those rare occasions when Sauron drops an enemy after all your characters are exhausted, or if there's one enemy that you need to eliminate before the turn ends (e.g. Hummerhorns).
  • Curious Brandybuck is an option for adding more to the deck. Could replace Fornost Bowman.

Sep 30, 2019 Matko1986 33

nice inspiration, I like your posts about mono decks.

maybe Narya could be nice for another willpower character in play

and didn´t you have a problem with healing? maybe 1-2copy of [Honeycomb] (/card/013002) could be also nice.

I am looking forward for new cards, it will be a bit better to create more mono decks.

Sep 30, 2019 kjeld 50

I haven't found that I needed more healing. Citadel Plate and Raiment of War seemed to provide all the healing I needed. Keep in mind that you have a LOT of hitpoints available in this deck, with multiple 6-health allies. Moreover, you will one-shot many of Sauron's minions, so they'll never have the chance to attack.

Narya is an idea, and could be useful in some scenarios. I did manage to beat the final quest in Shadows of Mirkwood, which is questing-heavy, without Narya, though I did end up dropping back-to-back Gandalfs in order to do so. So it could be definitely be an option.