Rally the West

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kjeld 36

This deck beat the Shadows of Mirkwood campaign on Adventure mode. It's a fairly fun build that relies on allies far more than heroes -- in fact, I beat the final quest of the campaign with a full board but only one hero!

On the whole, I feel like mono has a lot of potential, but the currently available heroes aren't ideal. Dáin II Ironfoot, in particular, doesn't really pull his weight in this deck, though it's nice to have Dwalin attack for 4 out of the gate. Dwalin is great to help you in early game, but is useless once he drops below 6 , and without substantive healing there's not much you can do except let the allies shoulder the burden.

Early Game

Mulligan for Reinforcements and Strength of Arms. The latter, especially, will help you clear Sauron's initial board state, giving you a breather on the first location (in many cases) to build up your board state before traveling. In one memorable game, I killed the Giant Slug on the first turn with a Reinforcements + Strength of Arms combo.

Dwarven Warrior and Warden of Annúminas are decent allies to play at this point, as both can be sacrificed to buy you time.

Mid Game

Look to get a Sword of Numenor out to help with resources, since this is an expensive deck. I like to put it on either Aragorn (pays for his readying ability), or on the Rohirrim Lancer -- which is your only ranged character. This is also a good time to drop a Gondorian Shield on whichever of your heroes is almost dead to keep them a live a little longer. Note that Ranger Cloak can help Aragorn in this department as well. If you see Gandalf, almost always play him for card draw. Hopefully you also have the resources to keep him around with Narya. Dwarven Warrior is almost always a good play, and can net resources if you've already got some allies on the table -- his 3 with Dáin II Ironfoot in play is

Once you've got at least 3 allies on the board, drop your first A Light from Within. Hopefully this boosts up a Guardian of Arnor or a Naryaed Gandalf, which will take the pressure off your heroes, who are likely starting to approach death's door. Also, once you've played one A Light from Within, your questing woes will be over, especially if you've got a Northern Survivor out.

Late Game

You're looking for a board with Northern Survivor, Rohirrim Lancer with a Sword of Numenor and Raven-winged Helm, Guardian of Arnor with a Raven-winged Helm or Gondorian Shield, and Gandalf. If you can, every ally should be boosted at least once with A Light from Within, if not twice. If you've managed to hold onto a second Strength of Arms going into the final location, all should be gravy.

Sideboard Notes