Two Hobbits and a Dwarf

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kjeld 37

My thematic THe Hobbit-esque deck, featuring an unexpected party of dwarves boosted by King Dáin with Tom and Fatty to lighten the mood.

The deck is fairly straightforward, though a couple of notes bear mentioning.

Early on, look for Star Brooch and Zigil Miner. Erebor Watchman and Dwarven Warrior are good to see if you need some early muscle, otherwise Erebor Record Keeper will provide useful card draw and . Forest Snare is always a welcome early game card, as well.

Before you travel, try to get down Ever My Heart Rises -- in some quests, this card will single-handedly save you from location-specific threat events. In cases where it doesn't, you have A Watchful Peace and Grace of the Eldar.

For attachments, the first Star Brooch goes on Dáin and the second on Tom Took. In combination with the 2 boost from Longbeard Mapmaker, Tom can lay down some impressive questing power. Bilbo's Cloak preferably goes on the other hobbit, though if it doesn't show up feel free to use Self-Preservation or Ever My Heart Rises. An Erebor Watchman is another reasonable target for Self-Preservation. Raven-winged Helm goes generally on the heroes with Star Brooch, and Gondorian Shield is used primarily in emergencies to save a low hero (or objective ally) from imminent death.

Later in the game, you want to see an Imladris Minstrel on the table, as this is your healing workhorse. Depending on the quest, either concentrate on combat allies (note that all dwarves have at least 2 with Dáin ready) or high allies for questing objectives. On the last quest of the second campaign, if you use the double questing Fate event and load up Tom + Star Brooch + 2x Longbeard Mapmakers, Tom by himself can lay down 24 quest progress!

Quests I have beaten with this deck:

  • The Shadow's Fall campaign on Adventure mode.
  • A Feast for Trolls on Adventure mode (bonus for theme on this one!).

Oct 13, 2019 Matko1986 19

funny...I like thematic deck, so i am looking forward for new hobbit cards in upcoming expansion, then it will be much better for decks like these.

Oct 14, 2019 BaldEagle 1

Did Bilbo's Cloak get removed? I don't see it as a card reward anywhere.

Oct 14, 2019 kjeld 37

Bilbo's Cloak is the quest reward for completing the tutorial -- only reason I actually went back and played through it!