An Unlikely Escort

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kjeld 37

Here is a fun dwarfish deck to play, taking advantage of King Dáin's boost and the Dwarven Axe to chew through most enemies with ease, even without the powerful Ranged keyword.

With attack taken care of, the deck has a lot of room for tech. Grace of the Eldar and Three Golden Hairs keep in check nicely. Arwen plus Imladris Minstrel give all the healing you'll need, aided by Round Shield and Raiment of War.

The allies are where things shine, as many can do double-duty:

  • Dwarven Warrior is a very flexible ally, either early as a cheap 3 powerhouse or later as a form of resource acceleration.
  • Erebor Record Keeper is amazing, automatically doubling your card draw and able to commit good stats to either combat or questing.
  • Guardian of Arnor is always a powerhouse, and a great target for a Raiment of War and Enduring Valor.
  • Northern Survivor is another target for Raiment of War, but with 4 you should be able to keep him alive with all of the healing options in this deck. Make sure you play him at the right time, when you know there will be a big quest push coming.
  • Veteran of Nanduhirion effectively deals 4 on guard with Dáin's boost, making great value for 1 cost. An Imladris Minstrel will help him stay in play long enough to clear the board of some enemies.
  • Erebor Watchman is surprisingly versatile here as well. It's a great early game ally, but also can stand it's own later in the game with a Dwarven Axe.

This deck is very powerful once it gets up and running, so as always, make sure to stall when you can so that you build up board state.

Completed Campaigns and Encounters

  • The Shadow's Fall (Challenge Mode)