Well armed sentinels (multiplayer)

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Matko1986 19

Hi, this is my deck (multiplayer with combo mono spirit deck). We have beaten first campaing challenge mode with no big problems. It was quite easy way. Main quests are easier then stand alone encounters.

I think this deck could also work in solo too.

here is some tips:


  • absolutely best and must have is Imladris Minstrel, try to play it as soon as possible and protect her for every price,
  • Fornost Bowman does not seem as good as he is. Ranged atk 4 is nice for every flying enemies and also for ignore guard enemies,
  • Mablung not bad. It is avarage ally with one round forest snare ability. One copy is just enough.
  • Beorn is there for late game, big enemies. Good combo with Lock Shields and then do counteratack with him.


  • Forest Snare another must have card. Best deal with big guys like trolls and other 4 atk enemies,
  • Round Shield one copy to Legolas (with A Good Deed and Elven Blade he is good defender), another copy for Glorfindel played by my mate (mono spirit). It is cheap and effecitve def attachment.
  • Warrior Sword 1atk for zero cost? hell yeah, also for situation, when you are waiting for something and you only need to do something to pass the turn to Sauron, this is good choice.


For solo i recommend one copy of Gandalf and Narya. Maybe exchange it for Mablung and Resourcefulness which is not necessary in two copies.