Puprple Strider (multiplayer or solo deck)

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Matko1986 19

Hello, this is my older mono color deck. I like mono color decks and advantage of card which needs three heroes in same color.

With current card pool it is quite easy to create mono color deck, cause not so many cards to choose. But unfortunately you have not so many possibilities for a while.

There is pretty nice Strength of Arms. Very strong and versatile event. You can use it when you need to beat many enemies or for questing too. For 1 resource it is so strong. Try to save it for situation when you have full board.

Good weapon is Sword of Numenor +1 and resource for vanquish is worth.

A Good Point is useful and cheap for defeneders like Erkenbrand.

For open hand you really want to have Gaining Strength and Erkenbrand. It is perfect start with this big guy on your side in first round.

Classic quester is Northern Survivor, it is must have ally in every purple deck for now.

Some heal cards like Cram or Honeycomb are needed, especialy when your teammate does not play green color.

What this deck really needs is some threat reduction. Starting threat 31 is quite high and in solo game you do not have any card or way how to reduce it.

I am looking forward for new cards to create more mono color decks or thematic decks (hobbits, dwarves...)


Nov 06, 2019 kjeld 35

No A Light from Within or Reinforcements? Those are two of the stronger multi-sphere cards in the game right now (outside of ). Also, with Dain a Dwarven Warrior at most costs 1 for 3 and 4 .

has plenty of resources to pay for Gandalf for reduction (or to draw cards, which is sometimes more important!). Gondorian Shield can also serve as a healing card.

Nov 07, 2019 Matko1986 19

Thank you for tips, I did not need A Light from Within because my teammate played sphere and there is another lot of heal, but for solo it could be great.

Reinforcements could be good too, especialy if there is more non unieque allies like Dwarven Warrior, it could subtitute some card draw card.

Gandalf is good idea. I totaly forgot him. I ussualy do not play him and I even do not know why, maybe it is too expensive, but this deck has a plenty resources, because of Sword of Numenor.... I must try to put him in next time. Same reason for Gondorian Shield, shorthand, I do not like expensive cards, but maybe it is time to try them :-D