Two Dwarfs and Rossiel

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Davennk 1

This deck is created to grant with power of Rossiel when Elf-magic is activated. Then when that preparation card is activated, you can recover Dwarven Warrior and throw to game again by 0 tokens and get 3 or 4 tokens depending how much allies are in game. We can get tokens with Zigil Miner and draw a more card in upkeep with Erebor Record Keeper too. Also you can throw First to the Party before you put in game dwarfs cards.

By other side, you can restore health with Imladris Minstrel, Grace of the Eldar (-1 too) and Lembas. We can recover with power of Rossiel to Imladris Minstrel if they are low health.

To defend you need Raiment of War or Gondorian Shield and Dwarven Axe in Gimli and Enduring Valor to be stronger.