Volley Volley Oxen Free (Direct Damage Deck)

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ransomman 11

I wanted to make a deck centered around the new and powerful card None Return, which meant I needed two Lore Heroes. Once I added my third Hero, Legolas, a theme started to emerge: Direct Damage. So I decided to also include Dwarven Peacekeeping, Westfold Outrider, and a single copy of Rain of Arrows. With most of the damage squared away (and some weapons for good measure) the rest of the deck is dedicated to healing and willpower. Recently, Imladris Minstrel has been changed to only being able to heal up to her willpower limit, and her willpower has been upgraded to 2. So the Grateful Escapees accomplish two things, 1.) giving the minstrel more willpower for healing and 2.) giving Arwen more willpower for achieving objective progress. One drawback of this deck, however, is a lack of readying in Lore and Tactics. So Lembas is a must for me. Heed the Dream is more of a Challenge mode include. On Narrative or Adventure, you draw enough with Faramir's ability so that's a flex slot.



Jan 07, 2020 sasha_80_ 4

Nice deck, works very well at the first try. I'll give you more feedback asap

Apr 20, 2020 Curunir 7

Very cool deck and fun to play. Unfortunately, this deck is not functional in challenge mode in coop. However, this deck in so cool when none return never stop working !!