Rangers with Attachment

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ransomman 12

This is the Ranger deck that I’ve been refining for a while and it’s in a pretty good place! That being said, I haven’t really added anything to it since a bunch of cards were released after the FFI shutdown does maybe there’s some extra spicy tech I haven’t thought of. Regardless, without further ado, here’s how you use it!

Voltron Heroes (Megazord Heroes?)

If you manage to attach Sword that was Broken, Raven-Winged Helm, and Ranger Cloak to Aragorn he effectively becomes a 3 Attack, 4 Willpower, 12 Health Hero with Block (helm) and the innate Power to ready. That’s pretty good.

Alternatively (or additionally), you can get a Warrior Sword, a Raven-winged helm, and a Ranger Cloak onto Idraen and she becomes a 4 attack, 2 Willpower, 11 health hero with block and innate readying. Also good!

Then, add a Grateful Escapee to the table and everyone’s Willpower gets even more insane!

Sometimes, however, you’ll want to make the Choice to give Faramir the Warrior Sword and the Helm, making him a 4 attack Ranged Hero, because honestly you should aim for triggering his ability every round of possible.

Smaller synergies

Imladris Minstrel + Grateful Escapee

The minstrel can only heal as many times as she has willpower. Her base willpower of 2 increases by 1 for each Escapee on the board, and so does her ability to heal!

Lock Shields + Resourcefulness

9 times out of 10 you will trigger Resourcefulnesses ability by drawing with Faramir, but occasionally you can trigger is by playing Lock Shields (since it draws a card)!

Northern Survivor + Grateful Escapee

Probably doesn’t need to be mentioned but giving Northern Survivor even 1 extra willpower is huge since he has Stalwart!


Play Gandalf... and just keep the objective in mind in order to win as fast as possible!


This is a very Award-heavy deck (there’s a lot of cards that you get for beating quests or hero awards), so I’ve included a few sideboard ideas for you if you haven’t earned a certain card yet.

No Northern Survivor?

Try Defender of Rammas for similar stats, or try Forest Woodman for a cheap, 2 Willpower ally.

No Grateful Escapee?

Try Longbeard Mapmaker. While the mapmaker doesn’t give a buff to the whole row, he can be used to give Aragorn an ultra willpower boost... as long as you have the money. Speaking of which:

No Resourcefulness?

Try Zigil Miner or Gaining Strength. I’d probably recommend the Miner over the Gaining Strength, but both could be a decent way to grab some extra dough. the argument for Gaining Strength over the Miner could be that having zero cost stuff in your deck is great so you can more effectively waste Sauron’s turn by having More things to play!

Well, that about covers it I think. Thanks for checking it out!


Aug 25, 2020 Fallenhall 1

I can recommend this variant of deck :-) very funny to play, I found some Campaign levels very hard with this, but still very funny to play and it is probably doable with more strategy and deeper thinking :-). Also when you replace Faramir with Elrond (for heal) you can easily change deck into Stalwart variant, but that one is more dependent on draw luck because you have no chance to draw extra cards.

Aug 25, 2020 Fallenhall 1

EDIT: I found some Campaign levels on Challenge very hard* :-)