Noldor C1Q1 (Challenge)

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Dadmageddon 1

This deck was created mostly to complete Elrond hero achievement to get Vilya.

This was done on C1Q1 Challenge mode, which I would only recommend if you're ready to lose a few times to bad draws and Sauron dropping an "Evil Storm" to kill you in one turn.

The combos you want to look for are a bit situational. You'll want to plan these a turn or two ahead for resource count

(If you've got a Sailor of Lune on board already these combos can be nuts!)

If you need to bring your threat down fast with some healing to boot, go for: Study the Scrolls + Grace of the Eldar (twice) This will bring it down by 2 and heal for a bit in one turn buying you some time. (Cost 5)

If you need resources for big allies go for: Study the Scrolls + Resourcefulness + Mithrandir's Advice + any of your allies (Cost up to 5)

If you need 4 cards quick go for: Study the Scrolls + Resourcefulness + Mithrandir's Advice (Cost 3)

All these will trigger Elrond's ability a number of times getting you that sweet sweet healing.

Glorfindel will control your Threat so long as he's alive.

Arwen will take care of any Hazards that crop up.

Normally Webcutter is a bad weapon to include, however in this particular Quest it's great because the +1 attack triggers on defence as well as attack so getting it on someone that you intend to guard with a lot can be pretty great.

Once you've got a decent board of allies, dropping Emissary of the Valar will boost your attack significantly to clear Sauron's side.

The main issue comes if Glorfindel is no longer controlling the threat, this quest gets nasty with spawns from Threat Events. Keep him alive and guarding, if you're going to kill the last enemy, check that Glorfindel has taken damage first if you're going to trigger an event in the next turn.

Good luck!