Rossiel Hero Award Basis/Tutorial

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Twiton 2

This deck is designed to maximize the ease at which you can achieve the 8 different trait ally recovers. The most suitable quest for this, the one I did, was in MoG. You can try doing this also in a campaign quest, but you will then have to finish all the locations. Rossiel will almost entirely be using her power each round, Legolas and Arwen will handle damage and will/fate. You should keep a tally and mental note of each ally you recover, you shouldn't recover the same ally twice (if you do, you need to remember not to tally it). The Rivendell Blades will let you remove any tanky Block Enemies, give Legolas A Good Deed and an Elven Blade (This will give him 4 attack and a 2 damage upkeep he can use to take out any high risk targets). Investigator's Cunning and Cautious Halfling will help remove Treachery if you are worried about a combo being sandbagged. The main thing is to keep your heroes alive and to cycle out allies with the power. Once you've gotten 8, I did 11 to be safe, you should then rush the objective down. Keep Rossiel alive, as she might need to stay alive to get the award.


Aug 26, 2020 Twiton 2

You can substitute most of these cards and heroes, but make sure to use trait allies.