Aragorn Hero Award Deck

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"Take 8 actions with Aragorn in 1 round."

This is the deck that was used to obtain Aragorn's Hero Award (Sword That Was Broken) from the live stream on 08/27/2020 (

This deck mostly uses Core and Fellowship cards. There are three exceptions: Erebor Record Keeper (Quest Award), Escort from Edoras (Quest Award), and Resourcefulness (Faramir's Hero Award). I have included other options in the sideboard to compensate if you don't have these quest/hero awards done. Just more options.

Expect many rounds of set up. You need to make sure you have everything in place before you take the turn to get to 8 uses. In the video, I used C1Q1, but that was risky due to Sauron's threat actions he tends to use. It is recommended you attempt this in Mirror of Galadriel (MoG) on narrative. There are 3 things you need to manage to work this deck. 1.) Resources - since you will be playing cards and using resources to use Aragorn's power, you'll need lots. Save up, and manage how you use other cards. 2.) Allies - You'll need, at minimum, one ally during the 8 times turn so you can use cards like Common Cause. 3.) Card draw - you are going to need to collect a lot of cards for using/resuing your events. Extra card draw options are good to have.

All in all those are the main points. Keep your heros alive with lots of guarding (most of the allies are super cheap to play, so they won't cut into your 8-times-turn resources too much).