Boromir Hero Award Deck

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Sarah-AS 1

This is the deck Sarah used on Antihero's live stream from 09/08/2020.

Some tips:

  • Attempt this award on Mirror of Galadriel (MoG) Adventure Mode. You will need to do 20 HP of damage in one round, meaning you need 20 HP's worth of enemies on the board. This is easier accomplished in Adventure rather than Narrative.
  • Mulligan your initial hand to get as many attachments as possible. You really need to pump up Boromir and Faramir with those +fight attachments to complete the goal. Both should have Star Brooch (ideal), or at least Unexpected Courage on them, too.
  • Getting the heroes properly suited up, and then waiting for a good sized enemy board will take many rounds to do. So manage your threat the best you can with Galadriel's Handmaiden, Gandalf, A Watchful Peace, and Careful Planning.
  • Card draw is a big deal to get all those readying events (Lembas, Timely Rescue, coupled with Study the Scrolls) in your hand. Use Faramir's vanquish ability as much as you can, as well as Mithrandir's Advice.
  • Between Tom Took's power (negating damage from enemies) and the Lore healing cards, keeping your heroes around shouldn't be an issue. If one must go, make sure it's not Boromir nor Faramir. (Sorry Tom.)
  • Save your Forest Snares for your big 20 HP push. Since you need 20 HP of enemies on the board, sometimes that can get difficult if you don't intentionally leave enemies undefeated. Snare helps them stick around, but not kill you in that process.