Red Dwarves

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KingsKnightTwitch 7

A deck that unleashes the full power of the red Tactics sphere and has a dwarf subtheme.

Lots of people like Beorn as a red ally. Well Erebor Battlemaster puts that loser to shame! While Beorn needs to get beat up a little to power up a little like a freaking Dragonball Z character, Erebor Battlemaster kills his foes with the power of friendship... very racist friendship, but you know, whatever works right?

Since we're running Erebor Battlemaster, we want him to be badass even if you're playing him on turn one, so that's why we've got Gimli.

Next we've got Idraen and her great two Dunedain friends. You might feel like bringing Legolas instead. Honestly it's a matter of whoever Gimli feels like bringing to his dwarf orgies.

Our last hero is Merry because we're legally required to have a designated driver and Merry's the only red dude with any sort of willpower.

We've got some more dwarves. They've all got at least one willpower so they can hold down their liquor.

We've got weapons, we've got armour, and we've got pride! Don't mess with the red Dwarves!!!

Also some wizards and a walking treedude showed up. They told us that it was fate and that they can help us deal with our objectives. They each brought along Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and told us they've got two copies just to make sure things are consistent and that it is easier to draw it (whatever that means?).

For the Legolas variation swap out Idraen for Legolas and replace one Bow of the Galadhrim with A Good Deed.