Hobbits and Hobbits Theme

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Moon Shadow 17

Fun Hobbit Deck for Standard Difficulty. Works by stealing Sauron's resources with Sam's attack, Bilbo's cloak and Cleverness. Resources generated by achieve with Frodo and Adventuring Hobbit. Starting threat is 25 and threat reduction should keep the nastiesses threats at a distant. Willpower boosts from Pippin with some heal on achieve. Major Healing from Halfling Determination should benefit almost all the Fellowship characters on the board allowing soaking up some damage. Because resources tend to be plentiful most allies are higher cost. Raise the Shire and Brandybuck Sneak can provide cheap early Allies. Move quickly through the quests while building fate and staying under the threats should be fun with this deck!


Oct 24, 2020 kjeld 50

What about Shire Brewmaster and Elevenses? A one-off of each can be quite handy in a Hobbit deck. I'd also consider Gilthoniel! A Elbereth! and Tom Bombadil as thematic and useful cards, likely better than Gandalf + Narya for playability and getting rid of nasty enemies.

Oct 24, 2020 Moon Shadow 17

Certainly you can swap in themed cards, Bill the Pony, Hobbit Pony, the one you mention and others. Gandalf always kept a watchful eye on Frodo so I like him the deck. Barliman Butterbur is a though as well. Many ways to adjust to personal taste. Thanks for the comment. Nice to know players might appreciate themed decks.