Fate vs Threat

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Windrunner4 14

This is a deck that I designed on the day after early access released once I saw how powerful some of the threat events could be. Even the first one in Attercop, Attercop that adds three Forest Spiders makes a big difference to Sauron's board state. So I wanted to design a deck that could achieve lots of fate events and avoid the threat events. This deck does that, and often does not trigger a single threat event in a quest play through.

This deck can do all of the things that are really important for the first campaign, it can kill enemies with Gimli and it's allies. It can pump out willpower for fate, objectives and hazards with Arwen and Eowyn as well as allies like the handmaiden and the caregiver. It also heals quite well, and reduces threat with the spirit events and Gandalf if you really need him to.

It's not really an optimized version (Unkarsthug has a much more focused deck based off the bones of this one) as when I made it I was still testing out the cards to see which ones I liked, which is why you see lots of single copies of cards. But because of the way this deck stalls to establish control, you often see most of your deck before the end of the quest anyways. I posted it on discord and it seems like lots of folks have been successful using it so, I'm happy to post it in it's original form here.