Dwarf Tribal

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KingsKnightTwitch 85

A deck centered around playing Dwarf allies and synergies.

Note that Frodo is chosen as the Spirit hero for the following reasons:

  • There are no Spirit dwarf heroes
  • Frodo's 3 willpower helps address willpower-related tasks (especially hazards)
  • Frodo's Achieve ability helps with the deck's high mana curve
  • Frodo has a low threat statistic
  • The deck does not play that many events so Elrond brings little value

Eowyn is a potential alternative to Frodo.

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Longbeard Elder: I like to call these the Gandwarves. In this deck they often end up with statistics similar to Gandalf and can help with both combat and willpower-related activities.
  • Erebor Hammersmith: A very helpful sink for extra resources you have to spend. Can generate Round Shields, Warrior Swords, Dwarven Axes, and sometimes even Raiments of War; all of which will strengthen your units. Can also attack Sauron's units in a pinch.
  • Iron Hills Champion: A decent Dwarf with well-rounded stats.
  • Veteran Axehand: A decent two-drop with good strength and health.
  • Erebor Watchman, Celduin Traveler, & Raise the Shire: The deck's one-cost allies.
  • Star Brooch & Unexpected Courage: Very handy attachments that grant stalwart or pseudo-stalwart. You mainly play these on your heroes.
  • Round Shield, Gondorian Shield & Mithril Shirt: Armour to help extend the lifespan of your Dwarf heroes and allies. Frodo is a fairly low priority but maybe you'll put a Round Shield on him.
  • Dwarven Axe: Weapons for your Dwarf heroes.
  • Gandalf & Narya: The Gandalf package. You'll find this in a lot of decks as Gandalf is a great Swiss army knife for a variety of problems.

Note that Careful Planning can be taken out for Against the Shadow. In my stream I forgot to include Against the Shadow and thought I'd try powering through Expert difficulty without it for fun.


Oct 28, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

For a playthrough of Campaign 1 and most of Campaign 2 with this deck, check out www.youtube.com

Oct 30, 2020 Moon Shadow 17

Might switch out Gondorian Shield for Raven-winged Helm. One less cost, still keep block when attacked...actually tricks 1 attack minions into failed attacks, and gives an attack boost.

Oct 30, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

Yeah, that's reasonable. I just prefer the shield since I like having the unit guard my other allies against weak attacks and be safe from most event/threat damage. The dwarves already have high strength. Both are good cards; I think it's just a matter of preference.