Silvan Semitribal

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A deck centered around getting Silvan Sharpshooters on the board equipped with Warrior Swords and then using their effects to dominate the board.

Two of this deck's three heroes are Silvan so they trigger the sharpshooters when they attack. There is no third Silvan hero available so the deck uses Faramir to draw through it more quickly.

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Silvan Sharpshooter & Warrior Sword: Play these when they are both together. Having just one buffed sharpshooter on the board is already quite powerful as it basically adds a shot of 2 damage to three of your units' attacks (the sharpshooter even triggers on its own attack).
  • Hobbit Bounder: A very helpful card for protecting your heroes while you draw through the deck. You can play it on the board, have it take two hits, then use Rossiel to send it back to your hand when its health gets low.
  • Daughter of the Nimrodel & Imladris Caregiver: The deck's only sources of healing, but thanks to Rossiel they can be recurred! Caregiver can also be used to extend Quickbeam's lifespan and helps with willpower-related tasks.
  • Quickbeam: Helps mainly with willpower-related tasks as your Silvan units generally do a good job of controlling the board.
  • Gandalf & Narya: The Gandalf package. You'll find this in a lot of decks as Gandalf is a great Swiss army knife for a variety of problems. In this deck he is used mainly for threat reduction and his willpower statistic.
  • Heed the Dream, Mithrandir's Advice & Resourcefulness: Help draw through the deck. Resourcefulness is there as compensation for the resources spent drawing through the deck.
  • A Good Deed & None Return: Help with huge swarms of weak enemies. Two copies of A Good Deed are run as not only does that make drawing it more likely, but Sauron is likely to destroy it.
  • Rivendell Blade: Used for large Block enemies, but also makes losing A Good Deed from Greedy Fingers less likely.
  • Forest Snare & Against the Shadow: Mainly used to protect your Sharpshooters from either big attacks or from nasty revenge effects (Protect nullifies Defeat). Against the Shadow in particular is just an overall strong card that you'll find in most decks that play Expert.