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PeteCrighton 28

It all started with trying to find an optimised list for Attercop, Attercop, but the result did really well in the other quests as well, ending on 31 hero health on multiple occasions. I’ll try to go into more detail when the list is more refined, but for now:

The sooner you can find your Self-Preservations, the better.
Especially in Attercop, Attercop try to mulligan for a Warrior Sword, Legolas loves it.
Erebor Watchman is great when blocking as a guard.
I believe readying a character to be quite powerful, Ever Vigilant essentially gives Aragorn’s ability to everybody else and for an additional resource you can heal 2 with Lembas. Being able to use Arwen’s 3 twice can be huge.
I’m not sure if Spear Wall is needed. It’s great when you’re facing a lot of enemies and just need to survive that one round to travel, but I only rarely was in a situation where I had to play it. Beorn's Hospitality can fulfil a similar purpose, albeit not quite as powerful, but mostly all you need.
Gaining Strength is not only great if you just need that extra resource for Erkenbrand or Gandalf, but being able to take an action that is not impacting the board can be quite helpful from time to time (if you’re waiting for Sauron to attack with his guards, for example).