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KingsKnightTwitch 42

A deck centered around using the most powerful cards and combos available to the green Lore sphere. Yeah sure, that's not really a "strategy", but the Good Stuff archetype isn't necessarily about synergy; it's about raw power!

Sadly the green Lore sphere actually lacks power (it doesn't even have allies with more than 2 attack!). It does not really have a true win condition. The deck tries using Gandalf with Narya and Cloak of Lorien as its win condition, but that isn't always enough.

Note that the deck does not play any card-draw events as Faramir is generally able to get you 1 extra card each turn and often that's all that you really need (also Rossiel's power doesn't work when you have a full hand).

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Ioreth & Daughter of the Nimrodel: The deck's only sources of healing outside of Arwen's upkeep ability. This healing is powerful and repeatable though so that leaves more room for other cards! Ioreth's 3 willpower is also very helpful for willpower-related tasks.
  • Dunedain Trap & Forest Snare: These do a great job at buying you more time. The Dunedain Trap is especially fun to play with as you get it back when you kill its target (letting you plan ahead how you'll use and reuse its effect!)
  • Hobbit Bounder: A strong tempo ally that works well with Rossiel. You can play it, it immediately guards, then guard with it again, and finally use Rossiel's power to send it back to your hand when it's health gets low.
  • Noldor Champion & Trollshaw Scout: Well-rounded allies that can be protected using Rossiel's ability when their health gets low.
  • Gandalf & Narya: The Gandalf package. You'll see this in a lot of decks because Gandalf is a great Swiss-army knife for a wide variety of problems. This deck usually uses him to reduce threat by 3.
  • Against the Shadow: Just a very strong overall card that you'll find in most decks that play Expert difficulty.
  • None Return: A fun card that in the right situation can wipe out an entire board of weak enemies.
  • Resourcefulness: Some extra resources because the deck does run some expensive cards.
  • Sudden Riposte: An important tempo play for dealing with strong enemies. Note that it works on villains!
  • Study the Scrolls: For recurring either Against the Shadow or None Return depending on the situation.
  • Cloak of Lorien & Rivendell Blade: Tech cards for dealing with large Block enemies. The Cloak of Lorien is usually played on Gandalf as he gets the most use out of it (hence why there is only 1 copy).

Nov 20, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 42

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