Tom's Sniper School

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En9a9e 4

Ranged focus. Theme deck.

Hold out till mid game with Tom and healing and arrival effect chump blockers. All going well, you'll then have Faramir and Legolas' sniper bows fully loaded with Raiment of War and Warrior Sword. Unexpected Courage on them = double the devastation.

After that, commence sniping most things that come out. If threat isn't an issue (GG)andalf ftw on bosses, gaining points for the "You Shall Not Pass" achievement


Sep 12, 2018 En9a9e 4

Would swap out Rain of Arrows but...Arrows!

"Needs more Lembas" Signed - Legolas

Sep 12, 2018 kjeld 17

Rain of Arrows and Man of Dale seem particularly weak here. Have you considered instead some Veteran Axehands or Rhovanion Outriders? Also surprised not to see Self-Preservation, though I suppose using Raiment of War instead of Ranger Spear gives you some extra health, and you've got lots of healing with Lembas and Beorn's Hospitality.

Sep 12, 2018 En9a9e 4

The theme is ranged, which is why it's a bit overkill on those related cards. Man of Dale did surprisingly well for me the first two quests, both as a chump blockers and mitigating enemy guard when they stayed on the board.

I actually used Self-Preservation for a bit with this deck but found I could live without it most of the time, due to all the other healing. The two cards I'd put on the swapping block might be 1x Rain of Arrows and 1x Feint (Though feint was quite handy on a number of occasions)