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ndmallmann 17

The idea was to create a fun deck with underused cards.

Overall Strategy: Try to equip Spear of the Citadel on Gimli and play a Well-prepared event as soon as possible. Tom's power should only be used when a strong creature is about to attack (3+ attack) or when you need to waste an action before using Fredegar's power. Fredegar's power should be used when (1) Gimli won't kill a creature with 1 attack and is not exhausted yet or (2) Gimli is exhausted and his guard is not activated (very helpfull if this could trigger the Spear of the Citadel's vanquish condition). Try to divert all damage to Gimli (it's a very fun puzzle).

Starting Hand: PRIORITY IS TO FIND THE SPEAR OF THE CITADEL (also, keep one copy of Frodo's Intuition if you can to draw extra cards)!!!

Here are some tips for each card:

  • Well-prepared: USE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • Three Golden Hairs: only when Gimli is about to die or when you need to reduce threat.

  • Borne Aloft: your allies are not expendable in this deck, use it as soon as possible (to prevent sauron from discarding it).

  • Dagger of Westernesse: this one is very important against villains since Gimli can't attack the same target more than 2 (maybe 3) times. Equip it on an ally that you know you can keep safe or one of the hobbits (though their main job is to use their powers). A good target is the Longbeard Mapmaker, since he can use his power and surge to attack.

  • Dwarven Peacekeeping: you can use it to soft the enemies for Gimli or to kill a lot of weak enemies and heal like crazy using two Imladris Minstrels with high willpower.

  • Favor of the Lady: very useful card in this deck. You can use it to (1) improve Imladris Minstrel's healing, (2) improve Gimli's guard cap with Spear of the Citadel, (3) make your hobbits finish almost all hazzards without Grateful Escapee's help and improves the chance of Spear of the Citadel not to be removed by Sauron.

  • Lock Shields: use this if (1) Gimli is exhausted without guard and Fredegar's power is not available or (2) you need to guard and draw a card.

  • Enduring Valor: perfect when Gimli needs to kill creatures with 4+ points of health. Also very good to chip away any boss' life and protect other characters at the same time.

  • Frodo's Intuition: use it when you need to find the Spear of the Citadel or the Imladris Minstrels. As a bonus, it can improve Imladris Minstrel and Gimli equiped with Spear of the Citadel.

  • Grateful Escapee: try to keep him alive at all cost. He is a constant improvement to Imladris Minstrel and Gimli with Spear of the Citadel.

  • Longbeard Mapmaker: use him to (1) improve Imladris Minstrel and Gimli equiped with Spear of the Citadel (if you know you'll get the benefits from it) or (2) help advance the objectives.

  • Orc disguise: priority order to equip it - someone's going to die (except for Gimli if you can revive him); Grateful Escapee (2 copies); Imladris Minstrel (2 copies); Tom; Fredegar. DO NOT USE IT ON GIMLI.

  • Spear of the Citadel: USE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ON GIMLI (do not equip the copy on any other character, you'll need it if Sauron removes the attachment or when you revive Gimli).

  • Houses of Healing: Gimli will probably die if the Spear of the Citadel is doing its job. Use it to revive Gimli asap. Try to sacrifice Gimli at the right time if you have this card. Also, if Gimli is about to die, don't forget to only equip him AFTER reviving (unless it is a Three Golden Hairs).

  • Raiment of War: (1) wait to equip it on Gimli after you revive him and you have spare resources or (2) if he's healthy (8+ health). Do not use the copy on another character.


  • If you don't have Three Golden Hairs yet, use Ever My Heart Rises or A Watchful Peace;

  • If you don't have Dwarven Peacekeeping yet, use Get the Orcs! or Shot From the Sky.

  • You can switch Lock Shields with Dwarven Axe to give a boost to this deck's attack (Longbeard Mapmaker + Dwarven Axe + Raiment of War).

Edit: Removed one Frodo's Intuition and one Houses of Healing (only need one of each). Added two copies of Enduring Valor (good when Gimli can't kill someone with one attack).