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ndmallmann 30

The gimmick of this deck is "let's steal all/most of Sauron's resources and negate his actions". If you set up things properly, Sauron will have 0/1/2 resources per turn (Standard/Advanced/Expert).

Overall Strategy: Equip Rossiel with Enduring Valor and the Mithril Shirt. Everytime you use her power, she'll imediately guard and suffer no damage from the first attack. That gives you surge for the next ally (abuse Wandering Took to steal resources). Equip Sam with the Ranger Bow and Bilbo's Cloak so that he can kill weak creatures (ignoring guard and flying status) to steal/remove more resources. Galadriel's main function is to draw cards and remove hazards.

Starting Hand: Priority is Mithril shirt, Bilbo's Cloak, Enduring Valor and a Wandering Took.

Here are some tips for each card:

  • Cleverness: USE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to steal resources.

  • Resourcefulness: Galadriel can activate this card any time.

  • Well-prepared: USE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • Gaffer Gamgee: you'll love this character when your deck is empty (Galadriel's power, remember).

  • Dagger of Westernesse: this one is very important against villains or creatures with block or counter. Equip it on the Northern Survivor (he has stalwart).

  • Forest Snare: use only when you have no other option. It can save your game.

  • Ranger Bow: only for Sam to kill weak creatures (especially the flying ones) and remove a resource from Sauron.

  • Ranger's Blade: best to equip on Rossiel or the Guardian of Arnor (if you can keep him alive with Self-Preservation).

  • Self-Preservation: keep it on your hand until you need it. You can use if a hero is low on health or if you want to keep a Guardian of Arnor alive.

  • Wandering Took: one of the stars of this deck. Abuse his power and keep him alive at all cost. With Rossiel prepped, you can retrieve him and play right away with surge, followed by Sam killing some creature (2 resources in one turn!).

  • Bilbo's Cloak: important card to have from the start. With this one, Sauron goes from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4 resources per turn. Combine this with the Wandering Took strategy and you go from 3/4/5 to 0/1/2! Seriously.... Sauron will mostly be playing 1 card per turn (+ any 0 cost ones he has left).

  • Mithril's Shirt: another important card you'll only equip on Rossiel. Her survival depends on it.

  • Enduring Valor: only use it on Rossiel with a Mithril Shirt. Do not equip on anyone else. The combo is perfect to retrieve any ally that needs healing or Wandering Took to steal more resources. Not only do you get to retrieve an ally, you'll also guard and take no damage. After that, you can play an ally with surge.

  • Northern Survivor: perfect to help with hazards and dealing with villains if you equip a Dagger of Westernesse. Note: only equip a dagger if you are about to fight one or if you can guarantee this ally's survival (with Rossiel's and Guardian of Arnor's protection).

  • Guardian of Arnor: these are your main sources of protection after Rossiel's guard is used. Try to keep them healthy using Rossiel's ability or Self-Preservation.