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ndmallmann 17

If you want a fun challenge, try this deck.

The goal is to adapt Aragorn to different situations.

  • Fighting a villain? Equip the Dagger of Westerness.

  • Fighting bats? Equip the Ranger Bow.

  • Fighting spiders? Equip Sting or Webcutter.

  • Elrond and Arwen need help with questing or filling up the Fate Meter? Equip Sword that was Broken and Favor of the Lady.

  • Need help fighting more than one enemy? Ready Aragorn with an event or use his power. How about equipping Enduring Valor, Spear of the Citadel or Star Brooch?

  • Need healing? Use Arwen and Elrond's powers and equip Aragorn with Self-preservation.... or exhaust one hero with Lore of Imladris.

  • Aragorn died? How about Houses of Healing.

Be creative and have fun.

PS: Extra challenge if you only equip Aragorn. I've tested it on Advanced, and it works well.