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ndmallmann 30

This is a gimmick deck. All cards selected to help reduce threat.


  • Rossiel: equip Enduring Valor + Mithril Shirt. She can recover an ally and guard at the same time without taking damage. Use her to abuse the arrival effect of Cautious Halfling, Galadriel's Handmaiden and Iron Hills Miner.

  • Glorfindel: equip Self-Preservation and guard with him once per round if you can.

  • Galadriel: equip Star Brooch. Remove any hazard you encounter and then use her power. She should be the last one to act (sometimes you need to remove more than one hazard).

  • Cautious Halfling: keep her to remove treacheries (before playing other allies or events) and recover her with Rossiel.

  • Galadriel's Handmaiden: use her as much as possible to reduce threat and recover her with Rossiel.

  • Iron Hills Miner: keep him to remove Shadow attachments (especially the ones that raise threat) and recover him with Rossiel.

  • Gandalf: use him to help setup, reduce threat or kill important creatures.


  • After the initial setup, try to keep one Iron Hills Miner in play with an Ever My Heart Rises equiped. You can also do that with a summoned ally.

  • Star Brooch should be used only with Galadriel. Keep a copy in case Sauron discards the other one.

  • Try to play all events as soon as possible. If there is a treachery, use Cautious Halfling to remove it first.