Hobbit Tribal Combo

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KingsKnightTwitch 85

A deck which combines elements of a combo deck (it uses Faramir to draw combo pieces like Hobbit Bounder, Mithril Shirt, Shire Brewmaster, Gandalf, Narya) with the powerful hobbit tribal payoff cards (Halfling Determination and Second Breakfast).

This deck is a lot more tempo-oriented than the Hobbit Tribal deck and tries to build up a strong board instead of destroying Sauron's resources. The ideal board that you want to develop is:

Two Hobbit Champions (each with an Unexpected Courage / Star Brooch)

One Hobbit Bounder (equipped with a Mithril Shirt for damage reduction)

Play Shire Brewmaster then use his ability once or twice to buff your Hobbits

Replace Shire Brewmaster with Gandalf (equipped with Narya)

Frodo and Faramir (each with an Unexpected Courage / Star Brooch)

Pippin (equipped with Bilbo's Cloak)

Another Hobbit Bounder is included for backup or for tempo in the early game.

The role of each hero is as follows:

  • Faramir: Draw through the deck faster and control the board
  • Frodo: Do willpower-related tasks and get extra resource
  • Pippin: Passively charge the fate meter with his ability and assist where needed (occasionally healing himself or Frodo with his achieve ability)**

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Hobbit Champion: A well-rounded Hobbit that can assist with both board control and willpower-related tasks.
  • Hobbit Bounder: A combat-oriented unit that comes with extra tempo thanks to its Guard ability.
  • Gandalf & Narya: The Gandalf package. You will find this in a lot of decks as Gandalf is a nice Swiss-army knife for a variety of problems. Only one Gandalf is included as the deck generally plays Gandalf for his stats. The deck will usually use Gandalf for his card-draw ability but sometimes may want his threat reduction (for location-specific threat events).
  • Shire Brewmaster: A powerful payoff card whose value should not be underestimated. You will usually buff your entire board over the course of multiple turns. At the time of writing, its power does not actually cost you a resource (despite what the card's text says).
  • Mithril Shirt: A handy piece of armor that can greatly reduce damage dealt by Sauron's strongest units, especially good on a Hobbit Bounder.
  • Star Brooch, Unexpected Courage & Timely Rescue: The Stalwart package. You will find these in many decks that play Spirit cards as they are a great cost-effective way to get extra actions. You generally want to prioritize giving extra actions to Faramir for the card draw, though Frodo also benefits.
  • Forest Snare: A strong tempo play that deals with large minions nicely. Can also be used to put off "Defeat All Enemies" objectives while you develop your board and draw through your deck.
  • None Return: A great answer to large swarms of enemies.
  • Mithrandir's Advice, Heed the Dream & Resourcefulness: he card-draw package. You will find this in combo decks and/or decks with extra resources to spend. Heed the Dream's threat cost is irrelevant thanks to your Hobbit heroes' low threat statistics and Pippin's ability.
  • Drinking Song: Some additional Card Draw. Also helpful when your hand is bad.
  • Halfling Determination & Second Breakfast: The deck's healing cards. Second Breakfast is also an extremely strong source of tempo.
  • Against the Shadow: Just a very strong overall card that you'll find in most decks that play Expert difficulty.
  • Billbo's Cloak: A decent Hobbit payoff card that limits what Sauron can do each turn, though I find that it doesn't actually fit in well with this deck's overall plan. I recommend swapping it out for another Drinking Song or perhaps a copy of Sting.

Nov 25, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

For a playthrough of Campaign 1, C3Q2, C3Q3, C3Q5 (The Hobbits Slayed Gurauga!), and Gundabad (the deck actually succeeded after a few tries) check out www.youtube.com

Nov 25, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

Watch Hobbit Tribal Combo take down Gundabad on Single-Player Expert here: www.youtube.com (Yes, this took a lot of luck!)

Nov 25, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

As mentioned in the description, I recommend replacing Bilbo's Cloak with a different card as I found after some testing that it doesn't really fit into the deck's strategy. Another copy of Drinking Song or a copy of Sting for Faramir are sensible replacements.