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ndmallmann 17

This deck was built to give you a pretty strong start consistently. With this one, you can fill the entire board in the first or second round of the game consistently. It's also very easy to maintain high resources and card draw (up to 4 or 5 per turn) even on your second round.

Recommended for solo play.

Starting Hand: The only non-unique ally in this deck is the Erebor Record Keeper. Try to get one or two Reinforcements and play them on your first turn. This will give you the possibility to draw up to 4 cards on your second round. If you get the Erebor Record Keeper, mulligan him. If you get one Study the Scrolls, keep it to try to duplicate Reinforcements.


  • Aragorn: Equip him with Sword that was Broken and Ranger Cloak. This way, you'll get a strong fate meter charger and you'll be able to complete most hazards in one turn.

  • Faramir: Equip him with Sword of Numenor to improve his vanquish capabilities (+1 card draw and resource every kill).

  • Sam: Equip him with A Good Point to improve his guard. It's a cheap card to use at the start of the game and will help you remove Sauron's resources.

  • Bill the Pony: Another cheap card to play in the start of the game. This will give you another resource to play Erkenbrand in one turn or give you extra ammo to activate Aragorn.

  • Erebor Record Keeper: Try to summon and protect him at all costs during the first few rounds. Remember, summoning him won't activate some ally related treacheries and hazards.

  • Erestor: You can discard Elf-magic, Common Cause, Reinforcements (if both Erebor Record Keepers are already in play) and Resourcefulness when you don't need them anymore. As a bonus, you can discard some nasty curses.

  • Erkenbrand: Good card to protect the group. Try to equip him with Sword of Numenor or A Good Point.

  • Common Cause can be used to activate Faramir a second time to help you draw more cards or Aragorn to complete more hazards/fill the fate meter.

  • Elf-magic: Free Erkenbrand or Erebor Record Keeper is always nice.

  • Raise the Shire: It's a cheap way to get another unit on the board. You need a little bit of luck to get a good one for the moment.

  • Reinforcements: One of the key cards in this deck, use it as soon as you can.

  • Study the Scrolls: If you can duplicate Reinforcements to get both Erebor Record Keepers in the beginning of the game, do it.

Have fun!