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This deck centers around Sam being the target of 1 damage creatures to kill them passively.

Overall Strategy: Equip Faramir and Legolas with Round Shield and Ranger Spear. The shield redundancy is key to guarantee that creatures with 1 attack will always target Sam. Give Sam A Good Point, Proud Hunter and Raven-winged Helm. This combo will protect him against all damage from weak creatures as well as kill them slowly, fill your fate meter, and steal Sauron's resources.

Starting Hand: Try to get at least two shields (either with Round Shield or Ranger Spear) and one A Good Point.


  • Use Faramir and Legolas to focus fire on strong creatures. Ignore the ones with 1 attack.

  • Try to chip away enemy's health with Legolas' upkeep power so that they can die attacking Sam.

  • Keep Ghân-buri-Ghân stealthed until Sauron can't act. Don't even use the character if it has a chance to be damaged.

  • Keep Imladris Minstrel in your hand until you have an Orc Disguise and enough resources to use both. Do not act with the Minstrel unless you need to finish an objective asap.

  • Use the allies to remove hazards and objectives. Make sure they won't be attacked... the whole strategy is to focus the enemy's attention on Sam.

  • Cure Sam as much as possible, but watch for Faramir and Legolas' health. Try to keep them over 4 health.

  • Use the events as soon as possible, unless you need to hold Beorn's Hospitality.

  • Spike Trap is one way to help Sam kill some creatures (especially the ones that you don't need to worry about, like 1 attack guards with high health).

  • Equip Faramir with Proud Hunter to improve his Vanquish ability.