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KingsKnightTwitch 85

A deck centered around using the most powerful cards and combos available to the red Tactics sphere. Yeah sure, that's not really a "strategy", but the Good Stuff archetype isn't necessarily about synergy; it's about raw power!

Sadly the red Tactics sphere lacks card draw / card selection and so it can run out of cards pretty fast. It also suffers from low willpower, especially in the heroes. At the time of writing, the red Tactics heroes have very little willpower (the only one with more than 1 willpower is Merry and he's not very good...) This deck can handle Campaign 1 on Expert difficulty, but is hopeless against difficult quests and the encounters.

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Erebor Battlemaster & Citadel Plate: Powerful cards that are basically auto-includes for decks with three Tactics heroes.
  • Quickbeam, Iron Hills Champion, Dunedain Hunter & Radagast: Very well-rounded allies that can participate in both combat and willpower tasks.
  • Gandalf & Narya: The Gandalf package. You'll see this in a lot of decks because Gandalf is a great Swiss-army knife for a wide variety of problems. This deck usually uses him to draw 3 cards. Two copies of Narya are included because the deck also includes Radagast and desperately wants to get more allies with high willpower on the board.
  • Bow of the Galadhrim & Warrior Sword: The weapons. The bow should go on Idraen and maybe Gimli. Idraen being able to snipe two enemies per turn is very handy. The sword goes on Legolas since he gets no benefit from the bow.
  • Round Shield: An alternative source of Block to play when you haven't yet drawn Citadel Plate.
  • Proud Hunter & A Good Deed: The special attachments. Proud Hunter should go on Idraen and maybe Gimli as Idraen can kill two enemies per turn (and thus charge the fate meter quickly). A Good Deed goes on Legolas.
  • Lock Shields: A small tempo play that helps you thin your deck. It's not much, but the deck needs as much card draw as it can get.
  • Cry of Rohirrim Horns: A powerful tempo play. This card will likely be cut from the deck if new better cards are introduced.
  • Against the Shadow: Just a very strong overall card that you'll find in most decks that play Expert difficulty.

Nov 28, 2020 KingsKnightTwitch 85

For a playthrough of Campaign 1, C3Q1, C3Q4, C3Q2, and some completely hopeless runs against C3Q5 and the A Feast for Trolls encoutner, check out