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ndmallmann 17

This deck will reduce a great amount of damage every round if set up properly. Works well in coop (since you can ignore two consecutive damages, one for each player). You can basically ignore villains with this deck (unless there are more than two at the same time).

Ideal Setup:

  • Tom Took: he's the main star here. Equip him with Enduring Valor and Mithril Shirt. Use his power and he'll guard. His protection will ignore one attack without wasting his power, giving you an extra turn to play around. Most of the time, this setup will ignore the damage of the weakest and strongest creatures on the board.

  • Faramir: equip him with Proud Hunter and something with block. He's the main source of draw to help you set up.

  • Boromir: equip him with Star Brooch and something with block. Kill as much as you can to boost other characters.


  • All the allies have arrival effect. You can use them after activating Tom Took's power if his setup is ready.

  • Equip weapons to increase Tom Took's guard damage. The best use of his setup is when you can kill a creature ignoring the damage and giving you a free action.

  • Do not equip the extra Mithril Shirt and Enduring Valors on anyone else besides Tom Tooker.