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Dúnadan focused deck using a "Surge, Guard and Block" strategy.

Starting Hand: Try to get at least 1 Reinforcements and use it as soon as possible. All your allies have surge or guard.


  • Aragorn & Grimbold: They are your main sources of Willpower. Equip Aragorn with Ranger Cloak & Sword that was Broken.

  • Idraen: Use her to kill as much as you can with the Sword of Numenor. Equip her with the Ranger Cloak if you need extra help with hazards.

  • Fornost Avenger & Warden of Annúminas: equip them with A Good Point and Armor of Erebor.

  • Guardian of Arnor: Equip him with Round Shield, Shield of Rohan, or Gondorian Shield.

  • Reinforcements: great way to put expensive allies into play. Remember, all your allies have surge or guard.

  • A Secretive People & Legacy of the North: try NOT to draw these cards at the start of the game. To be effective, they need many Dúnadan characters in play. Keeping these cards would give Sauron many opportunities to discard them.