Love Triangle

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Master of Lore 16

This deck beat the introductory campaign on normal mode. The Guard of the Citadel and Erkenbrand do most of the heavy lifting on defense (with some help from the Erebor Watchman from time to time) using Guard. Aragorn gets a Blade and Shield and healing attention from his lovely Arwen and the Caregiver. My favorite "combo" (if you can call it that yet at this point in the development) is getting the Guard of the Citadel out with Borne Aloft ready to pick him up. That can usually defend four attacks with only two resources leaving the heroes free. Arwen and Éowyn can put in work on questing, clearing hazards, and charging the Fate meter. Overall, it's a fun game so far, but hasn't captured my heart like the tabletop version!


Sep 13, 2018 shoreless 1

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