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Curunir 25

All high cost allies but with elf magic and resourcelfulness everything gonna be alright. Gandalf is there just for reduction threat. Perfect deck for expert solo/coop


Feb 10, 2021 Curunir 25

Sword that was broken and ranger cloak are for Aragorn. This hero will be your objective farmer with 4 in fate.

Feb 12, 2021 Mike467 (PSN) 20

The 2 leadership 1 Lore deck setups are always interesting on how to mitigate the dmg in my opinion.

If you go with Faramir you’re getting some card draw, but you are on your own for heals and dmg mitigation.

Although this setup certainly works, I’ve been contemplating the prospects of moving these deck setups to all out cheap ally tanks with Rossiel to bounce allies back to replay them.

In effect “healing” them through proxy ally play much like the physical card game.

Without Faramir then you lose his card draw. So you would have to swing your deck more green for card draw Lore cards to supplant the engine.


Feb 13, 2021 Curunir 25

This deck is build for every quest in expert. I did all quest with this deck. For sure, i need favor of valor for C3Q5, Carrion and Gundabad. The only thing i should change is put less ally and more attachment in order to have a little more attack and without forgetting Endurance of valor