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Curunir 25

This deck is fun to play in coop. This build turn around of Enduring valor/Knight of the white tower/nmithril or gondorian sheild and A good point or spear of the citadel. This combo can be long to install so be vigilant. Took and dis can be cancel 2 attacks and you have a lot of event can cancel attack too. Its not perfect deck in solo but in coop can be fun. Deck tier 2


Feb 13, 2021 Curunir 25

In second, you dont have a lot of allies so sometime is boring to wait a lot of round to have in hand

Feb 13, 2021 Curunir 25

Also, you can change Gala for Faramir. In this case, change A friend in Need for Snare and some Minstrel is not bad.