Dain + Dwarves (ver2.0)

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Mike467 (PSN) 20

You can go really heavy on dwarves with more Leadership and Tactics added to the equation. But that team won’t be as balanced and sturdy as this setup...

Again this setup has good attack, good defense, good card draw, threat reduction and healing.

Attachment Lineup:

Dain (Defender/Buffer) (5 attack)

  • Ranger’s Blade/Sting
  • Raven Winged Helm
  • Enduring Valor

Faramir (Attacker/CardDraw)(4-5 attack)

  • Sting/Ranger’s Blade
  • Raven Winged Helm
  • Star Brooch/Unexpected Courage


  • Star Brooch

Imladris Minstrels

  • Favor of the Lady

Dwarven Allies

Dain is your main defender, D-up whenever you need it. Faramir attacks for card draw, Galadriel handles threat reduction and adds more card draw.

Use First to the Party to buff your leadership dwarves prior to bringing them in. If you save up 8-9 resources and have First to the Party and Study the Scrolls in your hand you can buff your Dwarf allies hp by up to +8 to each for 12 and 13 hp when they arrive lol.

good times.