Legolas and the Elven Army

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Mike467 (PSN) 20

You guys are gonna love the damage on this team. Exceptional damage output, moderate healing, decent card draw, good questing and decent tanking. Your main tanks are the Veteran Sword-Elfs who heal themselves on kills.

Attachment Lineup:

Legolas (Attacker) (7-8 dmg w/Silvans)

  • Sting
  • Star Brooch/Unexpected Courage

Arwen: (Quester)

  • Star Brooch/Unexpected Courage

Galadriel: (Quester)

  • Star Brooch/Unexpected Courage

Veteran Sword Elfs x 2 (Defenders) (4 attack)

  • Ranger Spear (to get block early)
  • Raiment of War
  • Enduring Valor

Silvan Sharpshooters x 2 (Attackers) (4 attack total for one, 6 dmg per ally action if both up and geared)

  • Elven Blade
  • Self Preservation

This group is lukewarm tanking early on, but quickly ramps up when you get. Veteran Sword elf. And the damage goes through the roof once both Silvan Sharpshooters are out. Arwen spot heals the heroes on upkeep and Lore of Imladris when needed. Sword Elves heal themselves, and the Silvan Sharpshooters top up from self preservations.

Super fun team to play as, especially in co-op.