Green Gandalf Lore (Single Player Event Deck)

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dexl 2

Easy to play, just get Gandalf in play with Narya, and keep it alive.

  • Pippin keeps Fate Bar up
  • Faramir draws cards
  • Arwen, Ioreth, Imiadris keep people alive
  • Gandalf with lots of dmg
  • Many units with strong will power
  • Lock down minions with Trap and Snare

Feb 19, 2021 Mike467 (PSN) 20

In your opinion what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this deck?

Feb 22, 2021 dexl 2


  • lots of healing and fun for coop Weakness
  • without Gandalf its weak on attackpower

Feb 22, 2021 Mike467 (PSN) 20

Yeah it’s tough to run a robust mono-Lore setup.

We really could use Beravor (hint hint..)