Beating the new quest on expert with Gandalf

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petercheungjr 1

I actually built this awhile back, so went with it right away when the patch came out. Got it the first try. I actually messed up once piloting it, a the first Gandalf fled.

Idea: Draw, draw and draw. you want to draw Gandalf, and Nenya.

Protect: Mithril Shirt is the high priority card, put it on Dain. Against the Shadow helps too, especially in first round. Guard with Dain first round every turn after the first.

Objective: Rush it with Galadriel, making Star Brooch the other high priority card. Timely Rescue helps too, should be easy to trigger.

Damage: Faramir with Dagger, Helm and Star Brooch can do lots of damage. Also use Faramir to clear small enemies, which also with helps draw.

Allies: They help. Draw, resources or damage (with Dain's buff). Guarding with them is also great, especially when they are down to 1 health.

Resources: Gaining Strength and Resourcefulness are there to help to get to 6 - enough to play Gandalf and Nenya. I messed up forgetting that I needed 6 instead of just 5.


Mar 13, 2021 Popperlicious 1

I don't see what Dain brings to the team that Dis wouldn't do better. Dis has protection every turn + counter. Dain gives other dwarves extra damage - but you have no other dwarves ment for combat or guarding.

Mar 14, 2021 petercheungjr 1

Indeed. I also realized I added the wrong ring

The original intent was to build the deck with Dain to grind for the Gandalf steam challenge. Dis is better in basically every way

I replaced the miners with shire and one shirt for self-preservation. But lumbus might probably be better