No Need To Rush On Expert Mode

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astsu 1

With this deck I was able to complete all quests on expert mode (except Q5C2, in which I used a different strategy).

Strategy and Heros

The main ideia is to use Glorfindel to control the threat meter and use Arwen and Imladris Minstrel to heal while you strengthen the party. Usually, it is a good idea to stay for a while in the first location to add allies, attachments and to increase the fate meter. Gimli is a hero that will allow you to have access to high allies.


Besides Imladris Minstrel to heal, Erebor Record Keeper is also useful to increase card drawing in order to accelerate the building of your party. With 2 each, they are also good to eliminate hazards and to engage in objectives. Eventually, once you have a lot of cards in your hand, you can replace Erebor Record Keeper with one of the following allies.

Westfold Guardian and Fornost Avenger are high allies and will help you to eliminate enemies. Westfold Outrider is a cheap ally to help you in the first rounds. Gandalf is a powerful ally for the mid-endgame, specially with Narya.


Given that Glorfindel will be used to guard in every round, I like to put Ranger Spear on him to reduce the damage. Dwarven Axe on Gimli will make him strong enough to kill most of the enemies in one hit. Star Brooch and Unexpected Courage are marvelous cards to give you more actions.


Against the Shadow and Hold Your Ground are excellent to survive the first round in a new location when usually you have a lot of enemies in play. Timely Rescue is a cheap and useful card in the beginning to give you one more action.



Jul 09, 2021 Whyysobritish 1

Good deck but why no 1x “Glamdring” +1x “narya”?

Jul 12, 2021 astsu 1

@Whyysobritish, does "glamdring" exists in the digital game?

Aug 14, 2021 sasha_80_ 5

Yes you can unlock Glamdring by fighting killing the balrog at the higher difficult using gandalf