ONE DECK TO RULE THEM ALL (Expert Level Domination)

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Elysion 7


(Narya should be replaced with > Glamdring. Missing card in the deckbuilder)

This will make you win every encounter on Expert level for the whole game.
"It's the most powerful deck in the game."

(You will dominate every encounter. The only challenge this deck faces is RNG, which means "The Undercity" Quest and/or the "Gundabad Awoken" Encounter are the most difficult to beat.)





2X Gandalf

1X Erkenbrand

2X Imladris Minstrel

2X Rohirrim Lancer

2X Zigil Miner


Use Galadriel to move as slowly as possible. By using snare on an enemy or not finishing an objective you can stay on the first battle scene for a very long time. This gives you the opportunity to buildup your whole team before moving on. You can trigger the Resourcefulness event with her power which makes you gain 2 resources. Don't be afraid to use Gilthoniel! A Elbereth! to destroy early strong enemies and reduce the threat meter at the same time.


  • Galadriel: She is your main draw and Threat reducing engine. Use her power every turn unless you can get a very powerful fate event.

  • (Secondary Role: Her 4 willpower can be used to kill objectives or increase the fate meter. Should be used only in rare situations)

  • Arwen: She is your best healer, main objective killer and your fate meter increaser. Her 3 Willpower will destroy most Objectives.

  • (Secondary Role: Once she has all her equipment you can also use her as a low health enemy killer or tank to soak up damage.)

  • Aragorn: He is your main medium health enemy killer and initial tank. His ability to take another action is also extremely powerful. When fully equipped and put on guard duty the turn before, he can deal 3 damage to 3 enemies and 4 damage to 3 enemies in one turn. This works as long as he kills some triggering the Spear of the Citadel ability, using Star Brooch and his power. When fully utilized He can deal an amazing 21 damage in one round!

  • (Secondary Role: His 2 willpower can be used to increase your fate meter or help with destroying an objective)

  • Gandalf: He is your high health enemy Killer. Use him to destroy anything the shadow player throws at you. Mostly use his arrival to lower the threat.

  • (Secondary Role: His 4 willpower can be used to kill objectives and once he has his armor he is also a powerful tank.

  • Erkenbrand: He is your best tank because of his guard ability and a medium health enemy killer. Once he is fully equipped He can soak up three large enemy attacks and survive. The Mithril Shirt card makes him invulnerable for the first attack each round, which can be abused if played correctly.

  • Imladris Minstrel: Use them to constantly heal your party, equip one of them with the Orc Disguise armor and give her stealth for the rest of the game. 3 Health points means she can be sniped by a ranged attack, so be careful for that.

  • (Secondary Role: Use her 2 Willpower to help kill objectives or increase your fate meter. Be careful, because using her power will break stealth if you have the Orc Disguise equipped, until you travel to the next location.

  • Rohirrim Lancer: Use them to snipe flying or unreachable enemies. They are expendable, but can be very powerful in certain encounters. 4 Health means they can survive a single hit from almost all, but the most powerful enemies and survive. 2 attack power means they can kill almost all flying creatures and if you equip a Raven-winged Helm they can kill all.

  • Zigil Miner: Use them as expandable allies and resource gainers. You can play them for free if you use their power in the same turn.