Gold Rush

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A janky deck which runs so much threat reduction that threat might as well not exist! It builds up resources and a big board and then tries to rush through later locations before Sauron can make use of his surplus resources. If you thought that Blue Rush was bad, well this deck is even worse!

A rundown of the cards and why they are included is as follows:

  • Erebor Hammersmith: Stick this bad boy on the board and soon you'll be generating Round Shields, Warrior Swords, A Good Points, and maybe even a Raiment of War. Sure, this takes time, but when threat doesn't exist you have all the time in the world!
  • Longbeard Elder: The deck's big win condition. If possible try to save one Star Brooch for one of them and try to get a Round Shield on both of them. A Stalwart Longbeard Elder with 4 willpower can be devastating.
  • Veteran Axehand: A well-statted Dwarf that can help boost the Longbeard Elders to 4 willpower.
  • Forest Snare: A strong tempo play that can be used to either stall at a location until enough turns have passed or just take a strong minion out of the game immediately.
  • Narya (this is actually Glamdring): Play it on Faramir so that he can kill things easier. Gimli can use a Dwarven Axe (generated by an Erebor Hammersmith) instead.
  • Star Brooch, Unexpected Courage & Timely Rescue: The Stalwart package. Must-includes in just about every deck that plays Spirit (blue) cards. Being able to act multiple times in a single turn is very powerful. Put them on Faramir and then maybe Elrond, but not Gimli. Faramir likes Unexpected Courage whereas Elrond likes a Star Brooch (unless you have both Longbeard Elders out).
  • Three Golden Hairs & Self-Preservation: Being able to decrease threat by 3 for just 1 resource is ridiculously good. The problem is that if you want to play Three Golden Hairs again then you can't because it's a unique attachment unless... You get rid of the first one using Self-Preservation or an extra Unexpected Courage.
  • A Watchful Peace & Careful Planning: Even more threat reduction!
  • Against the Shadow: Just an overall strong card that you'll find in most decks that play Expert. You'll often have many units defend before traveling to a new location and then immediately cast Against the Shadow for a massive board swing.
  • Beorn's Hospitality: A quick shot of healing since your heroes will likely take a lot of hits early on due to the lack of cheap allies in this deck.
  • Dwarven Peacekeeping: A powerful card that can immediately destroy several weak enemies while putting stronger enemies in range for Faramir or Gimli to kill. You almost always want one of these in your opening hand.
  • Resourcefulness: Some extra resources (as many of the deck's cards are fairly expensive).