Silvan Sharshooters

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DĂșnedainLoreKeeper 2

*Erebor Battlemaster is a stand in for Erebor Hammersmith

This deck is designed to make the most use out of Silvan Sharpshooter. Get the Warrior Sword or Elven blade on them and go to town on those tough enemies!

Opening hand: Look for Resourcefulness (which triggers of Faramir), Imladris Minstrels and Silvan Sharshooters. Possibly Erkenbrand if the opening is hard.

Early game: Get your healers out ASAP or protect Sam with Gondorian Shield. Erkenbrand is your emergency ally once Sam runs out of health. Then you can hide Sam behind Erkenbrand and wait for your healers to get Sam up and running again. Your actions in turn 1 and 2 are all about trying to activate Sam and Faramir's abilities. It's ok to take more damage if that means hitting those activations.

Try to get a Resourcefulness out to trigger ASAP. Kill enemies with Legolas-Faramir if you need the card draw.

Middle game: You should have Erkenbrand and/or Gondorian shield on Sam out. Don't advance before you do. You'll also need the Minstrel to keep them alive.

Your second objective is to get at least one Sharpshooter out. With a weapon on him and on Legolas you can do some major damage.

End game: Depending on the scenario you'll want Erkenbrand, 1/2 Minstrels, 1/2 Sharpshooters and Gandalf/Narya out by the end. You'll likely end up with a hand of small allies just in case something goes very wrong.

The Galadhon Archers are only to be used if you have Sharpshooters out or to feed The Tree People.

The Greenwood Defender is your emergency button. You'll want to keep him in hand most games.

Forest Snare helps trap enemies which otherwise need to be killed. This let's you stall the game while you get your board up and running.

Gondorian Shield is for Sam. You can give him any extra weapons if Legolas and the Sharpshooters are already equiped. 4 attack makes it much easier to activate Sam's ability. Faramir can get HIS ability off much easier without weapons.

Ghan-Buri-Ghan and the Gratefull Escapee's are in the side board against Escape from Dol Guldur. I found myself lacking enough willpower to win that quest.

Scenario tips: Deck tested against Challenge mode The Shadow's Fall.

  1. Silver Claws: muligan for Forest Snares. Don't bother with the objectives or the rats. Kill a giant rat with Faramir and set up your board. After the objectives fail, you'll want to trap one of the wars in a Forest Snare and kill the other. This gives you some time to build up before heading to the next location. Use other Forest Snares to trap Pursuit Wars so Sauron's board is smaller.
  2. Flames and Fury: muligan for Minstrels. Sam can damage an enemy for Legolas to take out at the start of the next turn, Legolass and Faramir can kill another and draw you a card. Get as many Sharpshooters up for the final battle.
  3. Pit of Nibin Dun: muligan for Minstrels Take out the enemies that can damage you while using Faramir and Sam's abilities. Build up your board state even if the caves get reset a few times. Once you are secure, wait for a reset and save up some resources. Start the reset by playing Gandalf to lower your threat and you'll have some time to get through the Hazards. Make sure you fill up your fate meter in the second location before finishing up or you'll get stuck again. Having ranged makes this quest much easier.
  4. Tower of the Necromancer: muligan for Forest Snares and Minstrels. Capture 1 patrol and kill the others (try not to leave them damaged). Get a minstrel and start healing your characters back up while filling the fate meter. With a full board state you can punch through all three patrol types fairly quickly. I use the fate event to get rid of one of the last ones. Try to start the killing after Sauron has passed. After that, race through the rest of the scenario as quick as possible.
  5. Escape from Dol Guldur: mulligan for Minstrels I got stuck on the last part with this deck. Once you hit 45 you'll lack the willpower to win. Therefore the sideboard. Start by killing the initial enemies. Once the board is a bit cleaner, get the minstrel in to heal herself and 1 hero every turn. Two minstrels is even better. Grace of the Eldar is another power card to help overcome the curse. After you defeat the curse, stay at this location for 1 more turn (or 2) to build your board state. A full board state can deal with the next location fairly easily. The third location needs willpower though. Sharpshooters unfortunately don't do enough here, get Ghan and the Escapee in there while your heroes hold off the enemies. Build up your fate meter before looking for an exit. In the final location your fate meter will let you quickly win. Use your heroes to guard and just rush the objective.